Makers + Designers

We love to see inspired design and quality craftsmanship in jewelry, apparel, apothecary, ceramics, furniture, accessories, and anything else you can dream up! Makers are the lifeblood of RCF, and always the main attraction at our Fairs, creating a vibrant showcase of incredible talent.

We prefer makers who design and produce their own work, but will consider select designers with ethically sourced or lightly manufactured goods that fit into our aesthetic. This includes fair traders and designers who may outsource the production of their goods. Please be as descriptive about your product and process in your application as possible.


Maker + Designer Booth Sizes + Prices

Shared/Half Booth

This is a good option for vendors who have small products or limited inventory, and can use space creatively with others. You will be paired with another accepted participant to coordinate your booth layout.

Holiday Market 2017
3′ x 6′ – $100

Full Booth

This is our standard sized booth. This  is a great option for those interested in having a decent-sized display and a good amount of inventory at the Market. Layout and display options are more open and versatile.

Holiday Market 2017
6′ x 6′ – $200

Double Booth

This is an excellent way to make a bigger impact at the Market, showcase larger work and complex displays, and increase your offerings, or to host a Special Feature. Also a great option for Collectives to offer a Showcase.

Holiday Market 2017
6′ x 12′ – $400

Mobile Booth

Mobile Booths are movable, compact booth displays that roam throughout the event (for example, a cart on wheels). This is a fun option for folks who want to add an element of surprise and “pop up” throughout the Fair. Interested in bringing a trailer or truck please see our next booth option.

Holiday Market 2017


We have limited space to accommodate participants that use trucks or trailers as their setup. Food trucks, Airstream trailers, hitch trailers and more fit under this category. Makers + Designers can apply using the Special Feature category for this option in the application.

Holiday Market 2017


Larger / custom footprints are available in limited capacity at the Fairs, but are an excellent way to really stand out in the crowd. Special Features and Sponsors are the best fit for this option, and should provide details and dimensions in their application.

Holiday Market 2017

Application Information

This application is open to Makers + Designers, Food + Drink Purveyors, and Special Features. Partners, Sponsors and those interested in participating in a marketing capacity can contact us directly via email at

Rural Craft Revival is a juried event. Please review our jury criteria, and visit us on social media to get a good idea of what we’re all about. We think you'll like us.

Booth sizes and pricing vary by level of participation and is listed below. Your fee covers an open-plan booth space at the Rural Craft Revival, as well as an icon/image and link to your business website on our Roster page for the year.

Participants are responsible for supplying their own display items and furniture. Participants may have tax and permit requirements associated with conducting sales of merchandise, services, food, and beverages, etc. Please refer to the IRS and relevant Hood River, Hood River County, and State of Oregon to learn more.

Upon submitting your application, you will receive an invoice via Square for the $25 jurying fee, so please be prepared to submit payment immediately. Please note: we do not jury unpaid applications. In the event you are accepted to Rural Craft Revival, you will receive an additional invoice for the booth space less the $25 jurying fee. If you submit your application and decide to cancel your application before paying the jurying fee, please notify us. The jurying fee is non-refundable.

In the event that you get accepted into Rural Craft Revival but then have to cancel, we do not offer refunds of any amount. Once you cancel, you forfeit your spot at Rural Craft Revival and you are not permitted to sell or trade your space.

Business Information
Please enter your business name EXACTLY as you would like it to appear on our Roster should you be accepted. This form is case sensitive. Please do not use any special characters.
Please provide us with a DIRECT link to photos of your work, preferably to an online gallery or shop. MUST include http://www. (e.g.
Please share a DIRECT link to photo examples of your set-up, if applicable. MUST include http://www. (e.g.
Participation Information
Please select your type of participation: *
For descriptions of our participation categories, please refer to our Apply page.
For Makers + Designers, please select your booth size:
For Food + Drink Purveyors, please select your booth size:
For Special Features, please select your booth size:
Swag Bag Information
For All Participants, please select your 'swag' option: *
Additional Application Information
Have you participated in Rural Craft Revival before? *
How did you hear about us? *
Please briefly describe your product or concept so that we can have a glimpse into your work, production, and execution. Makers + Designers - please share your crafting, merchandise, and production practices. If you outsource any of your production, please describe below. Food + Drink Purveyors - please share your proposed menu offerings. Special Features - please share your proposed activity in detail.
Please share your price range of goods and offerings, if applicable. If you are a Special Feature offering a free activity or service, please state that below.
If accepted into Rural Craft Revival, please let us know if you have any special requests below. If you would like to share your Half Booth with a specific business, please note that here. Other requests may include: being placed on a corner or wall if applicable – and away from or near to a restroom, music, entrances, food, etc. If you have essential electrical needs, please list them here (applies to Concessionaires and other participants who need electricity to participate). Note: Some requests cannot be met due to venue and/or logistical constraints. We will try our best to accommodate your request, but it is not guaranteed.
If waitlisted, how much notice would you need in order to participate in the Fair? *
We are interested in using photos directly from Makers' websites for promotional purposes. If selected for this Market, would you allow us to potentially use one of your beautiful photos? *
Where else can we find your products/services?
Personal Information
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Address *
Rural Craft Revival Participation Agreement
Please sign the Participant Agreement(s) below for the Holiday Market on December 5 + 6 + 7th, 2017. THIS AGREEMENT, dated September 15, 2017 is between Rural Craft Revival (“RCR”) and the signatory at the end of this agreement (“Participant”). Participant will be participating in the Rural Craft Revival on the date(s) selected above (the “Event”). This Agreement must be signed by Participant and submitted to RCR at least two (2) weeks prior to the first day of the Event. Term: This Agreement will be effective for the Event in which the Participant participates. This Agreement may be terminated by RCR with or without cause immediately upon notice to Participant. Participant and its employees, personnel, and agents agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement and all Event rules, regulations, and directives. Safety: Participant will act with the highest regard for the safety of the attendees and other participants of the Event, and will adhere to all laws, policies, rules, and regulations applicable to the goods and/or activities of Participant, including obtaining all licenses, permits, and approvals that may be required to enable Participant to conduct its activities at the Event and fulfill its obligations under this Agreement. Liability: RCR will not be responsible for any loss or damage to Participant’s property, injury to, or death of the Participant (or its agents, employees, and/or personnel), or Participant sales. Participant expressly assumes all risks of loss, damage, liability, injury, or destruction resulting from any cause whatsoever, including but not limited to acts or omissions by Participant, and hereby releases and waives any claims against RCR related to such loss, damage, liability, injury, and/or destruction. Insurance: Participant represents that it has, or will have at the time of the Event, appropriate insurance to cover liability for the types of activities Participant will conduct at the Event. Participant covenants to be fully responsible for any of its liabilities, actions, or omissions, and will indemnify, defend, and hold RCR (and its officers, employees, agents, vendors, affiliates, and representatives) harmless against any claims related to Participant’s liabilities, actions, or omissions. Cancellations: The event will proceed regardless of the weather. If there is a cancellation: (a) By RCR: If a cancellation of the Event by RCR is necessary due to unforeseen circumstances, acts of a third party, or other circumstances which (in RCR’s sole judgment) may compromise the safety of Event participants, then the Event will not be rescheduled and there will be no refunds to Participant. (b) By Participant: If Participant cancels its participation at least one month prior to the Event, then RCR will offer a full refund, less a $35 jurying fee. If Participant cancels its participation between four and two weeks prior to the Event, then RCR will offer a 50% refund. If Participant cancels its participation in the Event within two weeks prior to the Event, then RCR cannot offer a refund, due to the administrative work already done by that time. Once Participant cancels, it forfeits its spot in the Event. Participant may not assign this Agreement to any third party, or delegate any of its obligations without the written consent of RCR. Only the accepted Participants are able to sell or distribute their items and/or conduct activities at the Event. The vendor list, map, and booth assignments are subject to change without notice. RCR does not guarantee any level of attendance at the Event and there will be no refunds, under any circumstances, after the Event is over. Change in terms: The terms of this Agreement may be changed by RCR and notice of such change(s) will be sent to you in writing. You agree to accept notices via email, sent to the address indicated below. RCR reserves the right to decline, prohibit, or expel any Participant exhibit, or prevent any activity, displays, product, or conduct, which (in RCR’s sole judgment) is out of keeping with the character of the Event or endangers the venue, any attendee, or other participants. Participant and its agents, employees, personnel, and/or independent contractors who participate in the Event agree to be bound to this Agreement. The terms of this Agreement, including any waivers, inures to the benefit of RCR and its affiliates and Event co-producers and sponsors. Independent Contractors: The relationship of Participant to RCR is that of an independent contractor, and nothing contained in this Agreement will be construed as creating a partnership, joint venture, employment relationship, agency, or other relationship between the parties, or to make RCR liable for the debts or obligations of Participant. The validity, interpretation, construction, and enforcement of this Agreement will be governed and controlled by the laws of the State of Oregon, without regard to its rules with respect to choice of law. Any dispute arising out of or related to this Agreement must be brought in federal or state court in Hood River County and the parties hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and the venue of such forum. This Agreement, and any rules and regulations provided to Participant by RCR or RCR’s affiliates, will contain the entire Agreement and understanding between the parties hereto with respect to participation in the Event. If any term is contrary to law then that term will be severed and the remainder of the Agreement will remain in force.

Holiday Market


Tuesday, December 5, 2017
Wednesday, December 6, 2017
Thursday, December 7, 2017
5:00 pm to 8:00 pm




Springhouse Cellar Winery 13 Railroad Avenue, Hood River (OR)