Gorge Wild Craft at Rural Craft Revival

Gorge Wild Craft


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In the winter of 2011, we had newborn twins and had moved back to my family wheat farm near Wasco. We ran out of good diaper cream and bought a store-brand tube labeled "natural." Just four hours in a diaper with this new cream, and both babies had horrible, bloody rashes on their bums. 

We ordered some of the ingredients listed in our good diaper cream, since a small tube was just too expensive for us. We played around with the formula to find the right consistency. We found a high-quality, plant-based soap made with goat milk - ideal for babies, and perfect for sensitive skin. With our new soap and baby bum cream, the rash that had flared for weeks began to quickly heal.

We made another batch and gave samples to friends and family. One after another, they came back asking for more. I began to read every book I could find on plant medicine, herbs, oils, and organic skin care. We stepped outside and saw all the wildflowers and herbs already growing right out our front door.

And just like that, GORGE WILDCRAFT was born.