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For Maia Desfosses-Yang, nothing can match the primal feeling of re-animating dirt into creations. Guided by a sense of mischief and dark humor, Maia finds fascination in the life that arises after death. Using her favorite tools, her bare hands and urchin spines, her work exhibits a sense of raw and natural detailing.

Maia majored in fine art at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she developed her constant curiosity into an exploration of tactile mediums and processes ranging from oil painting, printmaking, sculpture, and glasswork. In working with clay, Maia discovered she was able to truly embrace her love of processes. Iron in the clay has a very symbiotic relationship to the earth and its blood. She is drawn to the warm experience and the connection she feels when working with it.

Maia is most inspired by Mother Nature’s destruction and the symphonic reclamation of all things back to the earth. Textures are the history of nature’s decay and the evolution of the life it brings afterwards. The beginning that starts from the end. The death of a tree brings life to so many organisms .The death of a building brings many inspirational textures when Mother Nature takes it back. The beauty is in the detail of the ruins.

She recently relocated to Hood River, OR where she operates out of her dream studio in the woods and where her work continues to evolve.